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FITS Sports Camp for Children

On June 11 – 20, in the framework of the project FITS, a sports camp for children was held.

40 children aged 10 – 17 from Belarus and Lithuania took part in the camp.

During the 10 days of the camp, the children were given an opportunity to test their skills in various sports sections: swimming, judo, athletics, show-down. Also the participants could choose to go to origami and theatre studios, which are also quite popular among children.

Every day the participants of the camp took part in various team tasks and games, and for their successful implementation they collected “stars”. By the end of the camp, each team had to collect 50 stars in order to organise a “Royal Night” on the last night in the camp.

The tasks given to the participants were both of sports and of intellectual nature. Some of them even combined the two aspects. For example, the so-called game “Encounter” combined sports orientation, logical tasks and most popular sports games.

On one of the days a so-called rope-course was prepared for the camp participants, which lasted for the whole day with just one lunch and relax break. The teams had to overcome four obstacles and meanwhile they got a chance to fly, to climb between the ropes among trees, to get through even most difficult situations.

After such a tense day, children had an opportunity to relax during the excursion to the Trakai Castle and to the Old Town of Vilnius.

On the last day of the camp, the theatre group entertained all participants and guests of the camp by performing a fairy tale “Wolf and Seven Little Goats” in a very modern interpretation. The spectators expressed their gratitude with loudest applause. And, of course, the camp ended with a traditional cross-country race – “Saltinis mile”.

Most important is that during the 10 days of camp, its participants made new friends, some of them even experienced an international romance – and all this has happened despite of the fact that on the first day Lithuanians and Belarusians could hardly communicate with each others. On the departure day a lot could be seen from their sad smiles and tears at the moment of leaving.

“Will there be such a camp next year?”, – everyone asked.

Photos from the camp can be found in the “Gallery”.