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The best ŠALTINIS athlete of 2020 – AUŠRA GARUNKŠNYTĖ, second year in a row

Members of the sports club ŠALTINIS have chosen the marathon runner Aušra Garunkšnytė as the best ŠALTINIS athlete of 2020. Aušra has got this title for the third time, for the second year in a row. Aušra has achieved high … Read more

The best athlete of sports club “ŠALTINIS” in 2019 – Aušra Garunkšnytė

For the second time, after a one-year interval, a marathon runner Aušra Garunkšnytė has been selected by members of the sports club “ŠALTINIS” as the best “ŠALTINIS” athlete. She was encouraged to train at Paralympic-level by coach Linas Balsys, winner … Read more

The best „SALTINIS“ athlete of 2018 – ARNOLDAS JANUŠKEVIČIUS

For the first time „SALTINIS“member, a marathon runner Arnoldas Januskevicius was voted by the club‘s members as the best club‘s athlete of the year. In 2018 he succesfully completed a marathon race in Frankfurt and is the one of the … Read more

Aušra Garunkšnytė – “Šaltinis” athlete of the year 2017

The best athlete of 2017 in SC “Šaltinis” was selected Aušra Garunkšnytė – a representative of athletics, also called the queen of sports. She ran two marathons in 2017. She was inspired to start training as a marathon runner by … Read more

All top 5 “ŠALTINIS” athletes of 2016 are goalball players

All top 5 “ŠALTINIS” athletes of 2016 are goalball players, sport club members’ voting results showed. For the first time in “ŠALTINIS” history goalball players won gold medals in Rio de Janeiro Paralympic games. Top 1 – a captain of … Read more


Lithuanian National Men‘s goalball team won gold medals in Paralympic games, held in Rio de Janeiro on 7-18 September 2016,  after winning all seven matches in the goalball tournament. The golden team consisted of members of sports club „ŠALTINIS“: start … Read more

Traditional Summer sports celebration

On July 5th in Zelva the traditional Summer sports celebration of the sports club  ”ŠALTINIS” will be held. Advance registration is required!

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