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All top 5 “ŠALTINIS” athletes of 2016 are goalball players

All top 5 “ŠALTINIS” athletes of 2016 are goalball players, sport club members’ voting results showed. For the first time in “ŠALTINIS” history goalball players won gold medals in Rio de Janeiro Paralympic games.

Top 1 – a captain of the “golden goalball team”, the best scorer in Paralympic Games (35 goals)  Genrik Pavliukianec. He was given half of all members’ voices.

Top 2 – a central player of the “golden goalball team” Mantas Brazauskis.

Top 3 – the third best goalball scorer of the Paralympic Games Justas Pažarauskas (22 goals).

Top 4 – goalball player Nerijus Montvydas.

Top 5 – goalball player Marius Zibolis.

All five goalball players were coached by Karolis Levickis in 2016.

The best oracle was a “ŠALTINIS” checkers player Rolandas Morozovas who correctly guessed four out of five top athletes.

Photo: the best “ŠALTINIS” athlete of 2016 Genrik Pavliukianec (photo by Rimantas Navickas)