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Lithuanian National Men‘s goalball team won gold medals in Paralympic games, held in Rio de Janeiro on 7-18 September 2016,  after winning all seven matches in the goalball tournament. The golden team consisted of members of sports club „ŠALTINIS“: start … Read more

Traditional Summer sports celebration

On July 5th in Zelva the traditional Summer sports celebration of the sports club  ”ŠALTINIS” will be held. Advance registration is required!

Winter Sports Celebration

We are glad to announce than on February 14th (on Friday) in the House of Polish Culture (Naugarduko st. 76) a Winter Sports celebration of sports club “Šaltinis” will be held. The event starts at 6 p.m.  For more information … Read more

Goalball tournament results

The results of the goalball tournament held in the framework of Šaltinis Games can be downloaded here: goals, sportsmen ranking according to the number of goals, tournament table, final results.

Chess tournament results

The ranking list of the chess tournament held on June 24 – 30 can be downloaded here: full list with periods, final ranking.

Swimming tournament results

The final protocol of the swimming tournament held on June 21st can be downloaded here.  

“Šaltinis Games” chess tournament started

On June 24th a chess tournament has started. We invite you to follow its flow and results.

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